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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 11:21

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Women: Have you reached your 60s and discovered you have been robbed of your state pension? If you were born between April 1st 1950 to the 1970s, you will now have to work for several extra years to claim your State Pension. Most of us were given little warning, so we could not plan for the future. W.A.S.P.I is Women Against State Pension Inequality. W.A.S.P.I is offering advice to women in this situation. W.A.S.P.I is a non-party campaign to fight the injustice.




To find out more and meet some W.A.S.P.I campaigners, come to Eckington Civic Centre, Market Street,, S21 4JG Monday 29th October 2018 7.00 pm.


Enquiries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Go ahead given to fracking exploratory drilling at Marsh Lane

Chris Peace said -

Sad news today - go ahead given for exploratory drilling at Marsh Lane

I know many of you have already seen the news that today the Planning Inspectorate published their report that exploratory drilling will go ahead at Marsh Lane. Despite a strong and determined campaign, which I know many of you have been actively involved with, the report overrules the decision of Derbyshire County Council. Our local Labour Councillors at Parish, District and County level have played a leading role in fighting this application from day one but until we have a government that bans fracking altogether this dirty industry is now a step closer to becoming a clear and present danger to our environment and local communities. You can read the report of the Planning Inspectorate by going to this site -  https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewDocument.aspx?fileid=28367401

We know that the Tory MP, Lee Rowley, has also taken an anti-fracking in NED stance, but despite this, his government remains firmly committed to fracking. We need to all do all we can to spread the word that only a Labour government will ban fracking, not just here but everywhere.

Rebecca Long-Bailey, our Shadow Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said -


“Today’s Planning inspectorate decision for exploratory fracking at Marsh Lane flies in the face of overwhelming national and local opposition to fracking. Many people remain unconvinced that the risks posed by fracking to our natural environment and the purity of our water can be addressed. There are also grave concerns that the aggressive championing of fracking at the same time as consistently undermining renewable energy projects shows that this Government is not serious about meeting our Paris Agreement commitments. Labour will ban fracking, instead committing to building our renewables sector and sourcing 60% of our energy from clean, green sources by 2030."

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Chris speaking out against Fracking in Marsh Lane


Chris Peace is our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC)

for North East Derbyshire