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Written by Bea Green   
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 07:40

At a packed meeting of North East Derbyshire Labour Party, members debated and backed the following policy:

This Constituency Labour Party opposes Fracking (i.e. a method used to extract natural gas from shale rock formations), in the areas we cover. We also disagree with the availability of 132 new oil and gas exploration licences covering 5000 square miles provided by the Government, which includes our areas. We oppose fracking for the following reasons; the majority of these being safety related,

· Groundwater quality – contamination with fracking chemicals and mobilisation of deep naturally occurring radioactive materials.

· Waste – contamination of hydraulic fracturing i.e. drill cuttings, waste drilling muds (oil & water), waste gases e.g. Carbon Dioxide and disposal of waste water is problematic.

· Water supplies – fracking requires considering amounts of water and could pose risk to local supplies if catchments were over-abstracted.

· Air emissions and health – possible methane and nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere during recovery of shale gas.

· Habitats and biodiversity – loss of local habitats through; noise & vibration, air & water and truck movements all have an impact on wildlife.

· Geological integrity – possible earth quakes re Cuadrilla drilling near Blackpool were halted due to two earth tremors linked to their activities.

· Noise and disruption – will cause visual intrusion, loss of land and noise and vibration due to 24 hour workings.

· Former workings – old mines in the area could collapse. There were several open cast planning applications rejected e.g. Apperknowle and Calow.

We note that action is required before fracking planning applications are received, so that the case for rejecting such applications is clearly understood.


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Written by Copy Kat   
Monday, 23 November 2015 21:53

North Derbyshire MP Receives Prestigious Award

Natascha Engel, Member of Parliament for North East Derbyshire, has won a prestigious title at a top political awards event.

The Spectator
magazine named Natascha as the Backbencher of the Year 2015 at their 32nd Parliamentarian Awards event. Natascha said: "It is a huge honour to have been presented with this award. I wasn't expecting it at all so it was a complete surprise." Before taking on the role of Deputy Speaker this June, Natascha chaired the Backbench Business Committee for five years. This committee is able to table debates and help backbench MPs make their voices heard.

This is Natascha's third such title with previous awards from The House magazine in 2011 and The Political Studies Association in 2013.

With thanks to the Chesterfield Post

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Written by Sally Darrity   
Sunday, 13 September 2015 15:32

Derbyshire offers to help ease humanitarian crisis

Refugees fleeing the deepening global humanitarian crisis could be given refuge in Derbyshire after council leaders extended an offer to UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Derbyshire County Council's Labour Leader Councillor Anne Western says the county would again be willing to act as a reception centre for refugees as it did during the Kosovan crisis in 1999.

Councillor Western said:

"What is happening across the globe is absolutely tragic. Death and suffering on this scale should not be happening and it couldn't be clearer that more needs to be done to help.

"Derbyshire is a caring county and I've been contacted by people wanting to help. We opened a reception centre when the Kosovan people were in dire need in the late 1990s and we'd be willing to do the same now."

Councillor Western added:

"Every day more and more people are dying. We must act fast and I hope Mr Cameron will take us up on our offer. It isn't just about people in Syrian refugee camps but the thousands risking their lives on a daily basis as they find any way possible to travel across Europe.

"I'm sure we won't be alone in offering to do what we can to ease the suffering."

Kosovan refugees were housed at Stretton House, a former residential special school near Clay Cross, when they were flown out of the war-torn country in 1999.

Council officers are now assessing what accommodation could be readied at short notice to accommodate refugees if they were to come to Derbyshire.

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Written by Ray Porter   
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 12:00


Construction union UCATT has described the Government’s promise that every home sold off under the expanded Right to Buy scheme will be replaced, as “entirely hollow”.

It has emerged that the ministers are in the process of confirming that each home sold off under Right to Buy will be replaced by a new “affordable home”. With the exact composition of these homes decided in local areas.

Under planning rules affordable homes can include low-cost homes for sale for buyers who can’t afford market rates, starter homes – properties sold to first time buyers at 20% discount and shared ownership properties.

Inside Housing has reported that the Department for Communities and Local Government has refused to deny the Government’s will allow wide variations on how receipts are used, when Right to Buy sales are extended. Local areas do not have to use Right to Buy sales to replace each sold home under Right to Buy with a new home for social rent.

Brian Rye, UCATT’s National Secretary, said: “This is yet more evidence that the Government’s is creating even more misery for homeless families. Rather than selling off scarce council and social housing stock we should be building new properties.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that the majority of money generated from Right to Buy sales since the Conservative-led Government increased discounts, was not being spent on building replacement homes. Of the 1.54 billion generated through such sales just £588.3 million was being spent on replacement properties.

Mr Rye added: “Every time the Government makes a promise with regard to building new homes for social rent it is entirely hollow. The public should have more trust in a snake oil salesman than Ministers making housing promises.”

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Written by Polly Meant   
Thursday, 04 June 2015 17:08

MP Natascha Engel has made history after she became the first Derbyshire MP to be elected as Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

North East Derbyshire Labour MP Ms Engel, 48, was elected as Deputy Speaker on Wednesday, June 3.

She said: “It is a great honour to hold this position in my role as MP for North East Derbyshire. The constituency will continue, as always, to come first.”

As Deputy Speaker, Ms Engel will have to chair debates in the House of Commons and will therefore no longer be able to speak or vote.

The role does, though, give Ms Engel privileged access to ministers which means that constituents will continue to be represented with their issues raised at the highest level and their cases dealt with.

Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner: “Natascha has played a very prominent part over the last five years in Parliament.

“First she captured the important Backbench Business Committee which gave her control of the agenda in the House and now she’s got the job to control it.

“Her experience in and knowledge of North East Derbyshire will stand her in good stead.”

Toby Perkins, Chesterfield’s MP, also praised Ms Engel and is confident she will do the region proud.

He said: “It is a tremendous honour for the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire area that Natascha should be appointed Deputy Speaker.

“It is a mark of the respect in which she is held by members of all parties in recognition of her commitment to fair and frank parliamentary debate, and I’m sure she’ll do us all proud.”

Ms Engel has been North East Derbyshire’s MP since 2005 and she has served on the Works and Pensions Select Committee and as chairman of the Backbench Business Committee.

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