The North Wingfield Manifesto for the NHS PDF Print E-mail

On Friday 21 June, a group of NE Derbyshire Labour Party members gathered in North Wingfield to look at health policy. Here is one set of outcomes from the discussions.

§ The NHS must be free at the point of use and funded from taxation; but we should think about earmarked taxes.

§ We must listen to patients. “The Informed Patient” is key. Patients with better information have better outcomes and will help control spending.

§ We must strengthen inspection: The Care Quality Commission was the FIRST national inspection regime in the history of the NHS and it now needs radical surgery.

§ We must strengthen the commissioning system; there are too many Clinical Commissioning Groups and they cost more than Primary Care Trusts. The focus should be on modernising services.

§ We must strengthen the mental health and learning disability services; we are not sure whether many interventions currently used actually work at all.

§ We must strengthen community services. District Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy must be better organised and funded. The aim should be to keep people out of hospital as much as possible.

§ We must deal with the crisis in nursing and restore confidence in the profession; the key issues are supervision and (non-medical) caring.

§ We must focus on clinical outcomes.

§ We need well informed, strategic Ministers. Localism will not work without central support; Ministers need clear national standards and drive.

§ We must establish financial incentives for Trusts to implement quality programmes.

§ We must not reorganise again; billions would be spent for uncertain benefits; we should spend the money on services instead.