Labour will permanently ban Fracking PDF Print E-mail


2nd November 2019

Chris Peace, Labour's candidate for North East Derbyshire, responding to the government's temporary halt to fracking, said: "The Tories' temporary pause of fracking is a result of inspiring campaigners like those in North East Derbyshire who've come together to protect our community and environment.

"Sadly this is not a permanent ban and the Tories are fooling no one in North East Derbyshire. This temporary halt does not reassure me, nor should it reassure any residents in here or in other areas living under the threat of fracking.

"The fact remains the Tories have been perfectly happy to allow fracking within metres of a primary school at Marsh Lane and now they've agreed to pause their plans within days of an election campaign starting.

"It is over eight years since fracking caused earthquakes near Blackpool and the Tories owe the public an apology, and an explanation of how much public money they wasted while ignoring the science.

"The Tories think they can pull the wool over people's eyes but we will not be fooled. We will ban fracking on day one of a Labour government."