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Chesterfield Royal Hospital reveals plans to privatise essential services

The Trust running Chesterfield Hospital has plans to go ahead and privatise its medical device management and decontamination services. This is an essential service for safe and effective clinical services.

Labour Candidate for North East Derbyshire, Chris Peace said: "I am deeply concerned that this move to privatise essential hospital services is planned to go  ahead. Staff have raised serious disquiet about how this has been handled by the Trust. I have discussed this with staff, Labour candidates and the Trade Unions and we are extremely worried about the continued fragmentation and privatisation plans for our NHS"

Labour Candidate for Bolsover, Dennis Skinner said: "Even while the Tories are denying their plans to sell off parts of the NHS, this is happening right in front of our eyes at our own local hospital. You can't believe a word Boris Johnson says"

Labour Candidate for Chesterfield, Toby Perkins  said: " NHS privatisation isn’t a political claim, it’s a fact. This is a crucial service that will leave the public service and will be run with private profit rather than public service the main driver. People can endorse this approach by voting Tory or they can stop it by voting Labour, it’s that simple. “

Staff and Trade Union representatives were already very disturbed by the transfer of more than 700 staff at the hospital to a wholly owned subsidiary company in March this year. This planned privatisation of hospital services is distressing news for staff who are already demoralised. The Tories are hell bent on pursuing the privatisation route  for our NHS and this is bound to have a long term impact on patient care.


Labour Plans for our NHS


  • To ensure quality care across both physical and mental health, Labour’s NHS Rescue Plan will mean: Increasing the total Department of Health and Social Care budget to £178bn in 2023-24 – an average annual increase of 4.3%;
  • Increasing the NHS England resource budget to £154.9 billion in 2023-24 to restore constitutional standards on waiting times and access, including ensuring 95 per cent of patients are treated within 18 weeks, improve A&E performance and radically improve cancer survival rates;
  • This will mean a real-terms increase of £26bn for day-to-day NHS spending from 2018-19 to 2023-24 – the period over which the Conservatives have promised £20bn;
  • Guarantee a greater priority for mental health and wellbeing than ever before with an extra £1.6 billion NHS spending per year to fund counselling services for schools, community mental health hubs for young people, invest in community services for severe mental illness and ensure high quality liaison and 24/7 crisis care for people living with poor mental health;
  • Free prescriptions and car parking, the costs of which are not included in these figures;
  • Protecting the NHS from Boris Johnson’s sell-out Brexit deal with Donald Trump which risks funnelling £500 million per week out of the NHS to big drugs companies.


To rebuild the NHS, Labour’s NHS Rescue Plan will:


  • Increase NHS capital budgets by £15 billion over a Parliament to rebuild NHS hospitals and community facilities and clear the maintenance backlog, funded from Labour’s Social Transformation Fund;
  • Deliver a Green New Deal for our NHS so every trust can reduce its carbon footprint;
  • Provide a new £2 billion strategic mental health infrastructure fund to abolish dormitory wards and make every inpatient setting safe for patients, invest in more beds to end out of area placements and roll out a fleet of crisis ambulances;
  • Invest an extra £2.5 billion to overhaul the primary care estate so that GPs can deliver better local care in their communities;
  • Provide an extra £1.5 billion to increase the numbers of CT and MRI scanners to the OECD average to radically improve diagnostic capacity and improve cancer outcomes;
  • Invest further in digital, AI and to ensure transformation of services for the future For NHS staff.


Labour’s NHS Rescue Plan will:


  • Invest £1 billion in restoring a training bursary for nurses and Continuing Professional Development to help recruit 24,000 extra nurses as well as extra midwives and allied health professionals;
  • Expand GP training places to 5000 to create 27 million more appointments with family doctors;
  • Invest in mental health support for NHS staff.


For Public Health Services Labour’s NHS Rescue Plan will:


  • Deliver a £1 billion increase in the annual Public Health budget including an extra £100 million for addiction services, an extra £100 million for obesity services, an extra £100 million for public mental health services, £75 million for sexual health services, an extra £75 million for 0-5 services and more investment in smoking cessation services;
  • Invest in the public health nurse workforce delivering an extra 4,800 health visitors and school nurses.
Miners Pensions and Health 27th November PDF Print E-mail

Pensions and Health Justice for Mineworkers

This week, Chair of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery reiterated Labour’s important manifesto pledge to end the injustice of the state taking 50% of the surplus in the mineworkers’ pension scheme. The next Labour government will make sure that the miners get 90%, not 50%, of the pension fund.

Jon Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary, was in Clay Cross today and spoke with a group of ex-miners and their families about what a Labour government can do to best support those suffering from pneumoconiosis and other respiratory conditions caused by the mining industry. Jon is determined that Labour will make sure that ex miners will get the support they need.

Chris Peace, Labour Candidate for North East Derbyshire said: "North East Derbyshire has a proud mining heritage. I am proud that the next Labour government will be taking action to support our former mineworkers, providing them with the pensions they should rightly have and the health support they so desperately need"

Ex miner Brian Wright said: "Knowing that Labour are going to help us ex miners is such a relief. Sadly many miners have now died with lung disease. Hopefully this announcement will mean that many ex miners will live longer and also benefit from our wonderful NHS under a Labour Government"


Researchers from the University of Leeds have assessed the links between coal mining site locations, socioeconomic deprivation and self-reported health and they suggest that there is a close relationship between coal mine locations and areas with the highest levels of standardised long-term illness with poor health decreasing the longer a pit has been closed.

A report by the Coalfields regeneration trust in 2014 identified a distinctly higher incidence of ill health in the former coalfields. Two measures from the 2011 Census – the share of residents reporting poor health, and the share reporting long-term health problems that limit their activities – flagged up an incidence of self-reported ill health in a number of coalfields that was approaching double the level in South East England.

Jeremy Corbyn meets WASPI Women 25th November PDF Print E-mail

Jeremy Corbyn visits North East Derbyshire and pledges support for Women robbed of their state pension.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn attended an uplifting event at Renishaw  today speaking about Labours plans to recompense women born in the 1950s who are affected by changes imposed by the Tories to the State Pension Age (SPA). In a packed room, with women from the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) Campaign and Chris Peace, Labour Candidate for North East Derbyshire, Jeremy announced that a Labour Government will set up a mechanism of recompense for losses and insecurity they have suffered.

Jeremy pledged that Labour will compensate women with pay-outs of up to £31,000, with an average payment of £15,000. The WASPI Campaign was founded by ordinary women to fight the pensions injustice in 2015 because many women could not accept the unfair way the changes to their SPA was implemented, with inadequate or no notice. The Tory coalition government changed the law that increased women's state pension age to 65 in November 2018 - followed by 66 in October 2020. In North East Derbyshire 6,400 women have been affected by these changes.

Janet, a WASPI campaigner from Dronfield, said: "For years women have campaigned tirelessly throughout the country to highlight and fight against the unfair way the pension changes were implemented. Retirement plans have been shattered with little time to make alternative plans. This has had devastating consequences for many women and their families."

Chris Peace, Labour Candidate for North East Derbyshire said: "I have worked closely with these women born in the 1950s to campaign to get this pension injustice changed. I have listened to many upsetting stories from women who have been forced into poverty and suffered terrible stress and anxiety as a result. We owe them a debt of honour for this historical wrong and a Labour Government will change the law to ensure this kind of injustice can never happen again. Many of these women have paid into the system throughout their lives. Their contribution to our communities in North East Derbyshire is massive and they have been severely punished by a greedy Tory government who always put the interests of the rich first. Labour will deliver the scheme within the first full five year term of government."


WASPI web link


  • The amount paid for each 'lost week' would depend on the year of birth: women born between 6 April 1950 and 6 April 1960 would be paid some redress: £100pw up to 5 April 1955 and tapered down for those born after 5 April 1955.
  • On that basis, the individual redress payments would vary between nil and £31,300, with an average payment of £15,380.
  • The total cost of such a proposal is estimated to be £58 billion before tax, but it could be paid in instalments, e.g. £11.5 billion per annum, if paid over 5 years.
  • The compensation scheme is a one-off historical redress for a historical wrong, so the state will be expected to find the money, just as it would do if the Government lost a court case, rather than a policy decision.
  • Boris Johnson backed down on his previous promise during the Conservative leadership election to “to doing everything I possibly can to sorting out” the issue:


NHS Vital Public Service November 2019 PDF Print E-mail



A North East Derbyshire couple, Abi Pickup and Lee Grant , who were due to have a baby in July this year found out  in May that their baby was not growing as she should.  The Consultant decided that their baby would stand a better chance of survival if Abi was induced into Labour so that the baby could be born and cared for in hospital.

Abi said "When our baby was born prematurely with various problems, due to the quick action of the nurses and doctors at the Neonatal unit, our daughter pulled through. She is thriving, but how different things could have been had we not had our wonderful NHS"

Chris Peace, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North East Derbyshire said: "We are extremely proud that Labour will invest in maternity care and children’s health, so that our children can be the healthiest in the world. It will be a significant priority for Labour to improve the health and wellbeing of every child and we will fund this to support our ambitions. Labour will also increase the number of health visitors as part of our preventative healthcare plans"

Lee said "We need to protect this service so it remains available to all regardless of your position in the world.  If we had the system that is in place in America and other such countries we may not have our daughter. We are confident that Chris and the Labour Party will protect our cherished NHS as a public service"

Labour will lead a Green Industrial Revolution 15th November PDF Print E-mail


The next Labour Government will lead the world in tackling the climate and environmental emergency. We are turning the climate change movement’s demands into a credible plan to kick start a Green Industrial Revolution that will transform our economy and communities like those in North East Derbyshire.

Many of us are deeply worried about our environment and are desperate to see a government that is serious about tackling the climate emergency we all face.  We have to rethink our energy system, transport, agriculture, housing and our entire economy – so that it works for everyone, long into our future.

Labour will kick start the largest programme of capital investment in the UK since post-war reconstruction. This will bring every home in the UK up to the highest energy efficiency standards feasible, while overseeing a mass rollout of domestic renewable and low carbon energy appliances like solar panels, solar thermal systems and electric heat pumps.

The green industrial revolution will also bring tremendous economic opportunities and help to create more jobs. It will make our natural spaces rich and alive, and our lives in North East Derbyshire more satisfying and secure.

Labour’s plans are not just about energy efficiency. They are about creating homes across our area that are warmer, healthier and cheaper to heat.

We are so pleased that Labour’s Warm Homes For All plan will:


  • Upgrade 27 million homes;
  • Create 450,000 jobs;
  • Prevent 1,500 winter deaths;
  • Cut UK carbon emissions by 10%;
  • Cut energy bills by £417 a year.


Thank you for working with us in continuing to keep Fracking and Environmental issues as one of our top priorities.

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