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Senior Labour Members of Parliament welcomed in North East Derbyshire - 13th October 2019

Ian Lavery and Paul Blomfield welcomed in North East Derbyshire


The Labour Party in North East Derbyshire were delighted to be joined over the weekend by Chair of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery MP and Labour Shadow Cabinet member Paul Blomfield MP.


Government funding for public services and local councils has been decimated by the Tories with a negative impact on many North East Derbyshire residents. A Labour Government is committed to improving public services and bringing them back into public ownership for the benefit of our local communities rather than for private profit.


Chris Peace, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, said: "We have had a very busy and uplifting weekend in North East Derbyshire with Ian Lavery speaking at a Labour Party members meeting about the clear Labour Party policies we have been proud to announce on social housing, health, education, welfare reforms, social care and pensions. This will provide much needed support to some of our constituency's most vulnerable people."


Lynne Haywood, local resident said: "It was great that Shadow Cabinet member, Paul Blomfield was out campaigning with Chris Peace. They met up with people on the doorstep to listen to our concerns about years of Tory government cuts to local councils in North East Derbyshire and talked with us about what a Labour Government would do to support us. We really feel that the Labour Party will put people first and that Chris will be a great advocate for us in parliament"


Notes:  North East Derbyshire Tory candidate, Lee Rowley has consistently voted for reducing central government funding of local government when he was an MP

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North East Derbyshire welcomes Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party


North East Derbyshire welcomes Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party 11th October 2019


The Labour Party in North East Derbyshire are absolutely delighted to be joined by the chair of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery MP in Lowgates on Friday 11th October. Ian is Member of Parliament for Wansbeck, Northumberland and former president of the National Union of Mineworkers.


Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Chris Peace said: "I have had the honour of campaigning with Ian to get truth and justice for mineworkers falsely accused and wrongfully arrested at Orgreave and throughout Britain during the 84/5 Miners strike. Last Saturday Ian and I had the privilege of addressing over 2000 people in Newcastle City Hall at a rally with Jeremy Corbyn campaigning for the exciting prospect of a future Labour Government. We're really looking forward to welcoming Ian to North East Derbyshire"


Ian has recently unveiled a report which highlights the shocking prevalence of child poverty in his North East constituency where the report claims that children are coming to school hungry and in broken shoes and worn-out clothing.


Christine Smith, Chair of North East Derbyshire Labour Party said: "As an ex teacher Chris Peace knows only too well how Tory spending cuts and their austerity agenda has had a heartbreaking impact on the lives of our children and their families in North East Derbyshire, and this is replicated all over the country"


Under a Labour Government Labour’s Education policies will help every child and young person to achieve their full potential and have the best start in life. Labour will end the Tory scandal of starving schools of essential funding and will ensure local accountability with proper investment in our schools, early years and apprenticeships in addition to inclusivity and access to higher education for those who choose it.


Ian Lavery MP said: "The people of North East Derbyshire are really fortunate to have such a dedicated and hardworking candidate as Chris Peace. Chris's enthusiasm for ensuring her constituents will be represented at Westminster and her passion for a Labour victory at the next election make her the ideal candidate for returning North East Derbyshire to Labour"

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Clay Cross -  October 6th 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits North East Derbyshire and speaks with the party’s parliamentary candidate Chris Peace and local party members.

Jeremy Corbyn was in Clay Cross this weekend for a Labour Party members meeting as Labour looks to unseat Conservative Lee Rowley in a forthcoming general election. Labour has chosen Chris Peace, a former teacher, legal aid lawyer and justice campaigner, including the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, to challenge Rowley when an election is called. Local Labour Party members were delighted to meet a future Prime Minister and regarded it as hugely important to the success of the local campaign to have Jeremy Corbyn visiting and meeting people in the area.

The Labour Party have spoken to thousands of people at meetings and on the doorstep and the issues that regularly get raised are the NHS, Housing, Poverty, the Economy and Education.

Labour Candidate Chris Peace said: "Local people are really worried about the way the Tories are mismanaging our country and how they have neglected our region. They want to see an end to the uncertainties foisted on them by this government"

Patricia Clough from Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) a campaign Chris passionately supports and advocates for, said: "There are some people who make you want to leap out of your seat and work your socks off for to bring about proper social change. Chris Peace and Jeremy Corbyn are two of them"

It was standing room only with over 200 Labour Party members listening to Jeremy Corbyn, on outstanding form, set out Labour's clear agenda for government. Chris Peace made a wonderful and thoughtful speech and it is clear that Chris will work tirelessly to ensure the people of North East Derbyshire have a clear voice in Parliament.

Over 200 people in Clay Cross later multiplied when Labour supporters in the North East of England were queuing round the block to get into the City Hall in Newcastle to hear Jeremy Corbyn and Chris address over 2000 people about the exciting prospect of a future Labour Government.