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1   Link   Dronfield Blather
Dronfield Blather is run by Harry Barnes, the former MP for NE Derbyshire. It is a forum for members to discuss policy matters.
2   Link   Cooperative Party
The Coop Party is sister to the Labour Party. It was formed in 1918 and works to promote the Cooperative Commonwealth as a political ideal. There are currently thirty two Labour and Cooperative MP's, the highest number in history.
3   Link   Labour List
LabourList is an independent progressive blog providing a platform for open debate about centre-left issues and the future of the Labour movement. It also acts as a hub to showcase the best centre-left blogging.
4   Link   Political Scrapbook
Read in newsrooms and the Westminster village, Political Scrapbook is one of the UK’s leading political websites. Known for a tabloid, muckraking style, stories broken here have featured across the print and broadcast media.
5   Link   Compass
Compass wants to see a transformed Labour Party working with other parties, organisations and individuals in pursuit of this goal of the Good Society. Compass enables people to go out, take action and make real change happen.
6   Link   Left Foot Forward
Left Foot Forward is a political blog for progressives. We provide evidence-based analysis on British politics, policy, and current affairs.
7   Link   Labour Uncut
Inside Labour Politics.
8   Link   Labour Values
This website is designed as a place for Labour people to share their experiences of successful activism and campaigning. If the party systematically adopts and supports these practices, we believe that Labour can deliver on the values we share with Britain’s progressive majority.
9   Link   Progress
Progress is the New Labour pressure group which aims to promote a radical and progressive politics for the 21st century. Founded in 1996, we are an independent organisation of Labour party members.
10   Link   Hope not Hate
Hope not Hate is Searchlight's campaign against the fascist BNP.
11   Link   Searchlight
Searchlight is the leading anti-fascist magazine. It is highly respected and an authority in exposing the BNP and other racist, nazi and fascist organisations.
12   Link   Wells Labour
Wells Constituency Labour Party. If any other CLPs would like to link with us, do get in touch via the "contact us" page.