Labour will lead a Green Industrial Revolution 15th November Print


The next Labour Government will lead the world in tackling the climate and environmental emergency. We are turning the climate change movement’s demands into a credible plan to kick start a Green Industrial Revolution that will transform our economy and communities like those in North East Derbyshire.

Many of us are deeply worried about our environment and are desperate to see a government that is serious about tackling the climate emergency we all face.  We have to rethink our energy system, transport, agriculture, housing and our entire economy – so that it works for everyone, long into our future.

Labour will kick start the largest programme of capital investment in the UK since post-war reconstruction. This will bring every home in the UK up to the highest energy efficiency standards feasible, while overseeing a mass rollout of domestic renewable and low carbon energy appliances like solar panels, solar thermal systems and electric heat pumps.

The green industrial revolution will also bring tremendous economic opportunities and help to create more jobs. It will make our natural spaces rich and alive, and our lives in North East Derbyshire more satisfying and secure.

Labour’s plans are not just about energy efficiency. They are about creating homes across our area that are warmer, healthier and cheaper to heat.

We are so pleased that Labour’s Warm Homes For All plan will:


  • Upgrade 27 million homes;
  • Create 450,000 jobs;
  • Prevent 1,500 winter deaths;
  • Cut UK carbon emissions by 10%;
  • Cut energy bills by £417 a year.


Thank you for working with us in continuing to keep Fracking and Environmental issues as one of our top priorities.