NHS Vital Public Service November 2019 Print



A North East Derbyshire couple, Abi Pickup and Lee Grant , who were due to have a baby in July this year found out  in May that their baby was not growing as she should.  The Consultant decided that their baby would stand a better chance of survival if Abi was induced into Labour so that the baby could be born and cared for in hospital.

Abi said "When our baby was born prematurely with various problems, due to the quick action of the nurses and doctors at the Neonatal unit, our daughter pulled through. She is thriving, but how different things could have been had we not had our wonderful NHS"

Chris Peace, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North East Derbyshire said: "We are extremely proud that Labour will invest in maternity care and children’s health, so that our children can be the healthiest in the world. It will be a significant priority for Labour to improve the health and wellbeing of every child and we will fund this to support our ambitions. Labour will also increase the number of health visitors as part of our preventative healthcare plans"

Lee said "We need to protect this service so it remains available to all regardless of your position in the world.  If we had the system that is in place in America and other such countries we may not have our daughter. We are confident that Chris and the Labour Party will protect our cherished NHS as a public service"