Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Clay Cross -  October 6th 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits North East Derbyshire and speaks with the party’s parliamentary candidate Chris Peace and local party members.

Jeremy Corbyn was in Clay Cross this weekend for a Labour Party members meeting as Labour looks to unseat Conservative Lee Rowley in a forthcoming general election. Labour has chosen Chris Peace, a former teacher, legal aid lawyer and justice campaigner, including the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, to challenge Rowley when an election is called. Local Labour Party members were delighted to meet a future Prime Minister and regarded it as hugely important to the success of the local campaign to have Jeremy Corbyn visiting and meeting people in the area.

The Labour Party have spoken to thousands of people at meetings and on the doorstep and the issues that regularly get raised are the NHS, Housing, Poverty, the Economy and Education.

Labour Candidate Chris Peace said: "Local people are really worried about the way the Tories are mismanaging our country and how they have neglected our region. They want to see an end to the uncertainties foisted on them by this government"

Patricia Clough from Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) a campaign Chris passionately supports and advocates for, said: "There are some people who make you want to leap out of your seat and work your socks off for to bring about proper social change. Chris Peace and Jeremy Corbyn are two of them"

It was standing room only with over 200 Labour Party members listening to Jeremy Corbyn, on outstanding form, set out Labour's clear agenda for government. Chris Peace made a wonderful and thoughtful speech and it is clear that Chris will work tirelessly to ensure the people of North East Derbyshire have a clear voice in Parliament.

Over 200 people in Clay Cross later multiplied when Labour supporters in the North East of England were queuing round the block to get into the City Hall in Newcastle to hear Jeremy Corbyn and Chris address over 2000 people about the exciting prospect of a future Labour Government.

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