Labour Party candidate Chris Peace is confident that Labour will win back the seat for North East Derbyshire. Labour chose Chris, a former teacher, legal aid lawyer and justice campaigner, to challenge Conservative Lee Rowley in the General Election. Local Labour Party members are delighted that they have such a dedicated and hard working candidate who will prioritise the area and work timelessly to ensure the people of North East Derbyshire have a clear voice in Parliament.


North East Derbyshire resident, Sheila Crossley said: "If we want to keep our beloved National Health Service and create a better future for our children and young people we need to elect Chris Peace and a Labour Government. North East Derbyshire has suffered for far too long under the Tories and the previous Lib Dem coalition. We desperately need a Labour MP who will support us and work for us"


Labour Party Candidate Chris Peace said: "The Labour Party have talked to thousands of people at meetings throughout North East Derbyshire and on the doorstep and on the streets. People are really worried about how the Tories are mismanaging the country and the issues that regularly get raised are the NHS, Housing, Poverty, the Economy and Education. The message is clear - people need a government who prioritises the area and works for them"


Chair of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery MP said: "The people of North East Derbyshire are really fortunate to have such a dedicated and hardworking candidate as Chris Peace. Chris's enthusiasm for ensuring her constituents will be represented at Westminster and her passion for a Labour victory at the next election make her the ideal candidate for returning North East Derbyshire to Labour"


Harry Barnes, Ex MP for North East Derbyshire said: "I look forward to North East Derbyshire getting back properly funded public services and seeing an end to the inequalities in Britain. These are exciting times and the prospect of winning North East Derbyshire back for Labour, with Chris Peace, is something we are all very confident about"

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